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Banking & Finance

Development Process

The problems:

Mobile Technologies has worked with various customer in a number of industries to create solutions to their most pressing challenges including:

  • Losing track of time and money spent on jobs and activities
  • Remaining front of mind with customers
  • Inefficient use of resources
  • Keeping customers up to date with latest services and offerings
  • Too much work, not enough resources
  • Giving customers easy access to your business and services
  • Reporting requirements to management
  • Delivering content directly to customers
  • Losing track of who did what and when
  • Compliance with regulations

The solutions:

To provide effective solutions have Mobile Technologies developed custom applications and off the shelf software systems that integrate with business systems and websites. They provide a seamless conduit between these systems and into the field, or into the customers mobile device.

By putting the power of mobile computing into the hands of mobile workers we are able to create automated workflow, and consistent processes around managing the workforce including:

And by creating a link between a businesses services and offerings and the customers mobile device, we can help business engage with their customers at anytime of the day.

  • Job dispatch and Scheduling
  • Customer ordering
  • Work flow automation
  • Content delivery to the mobile device
  • Asset Audits
  • iPhone and iPad custom apps

The Technologies that we have used to implement these solutions include:

  • Windows Mobile, Windows Tablet etc
  • iPhone, iPad, Android.
  • MS SQL
  • Mobile Data Studio

Hardware solutions provided include:

  • Rugged Windows Mobile PDA's (Recons, Motorola, Intermec)
  • iPhone, iPad, Android devices.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tabs
  • Motion Tablets
  • Toughbooks 

The Results:

  • Improved compliance
  • More contact with the customer and staff
  • Better management of resources
  • Better communication with customers and staff
  • Better resourcing due to clearer understanding of workloads
  • Accurate measurement and billing of time and costs on jobs
  • Effective Asset maintenance planning
  • Up to date field documents
  • Better communication with customers and citizen

Our Customers:

  • Townsville City Council
  • Lion Nathan
  • BCC
  • National Foods
  • GCCC
  • Yarra City Council
  • DERM
  • Queensland Health