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Case Studies

Townsville City Council – Water & Trade Waste Business Unit

Travis Richards and his team of compliance inspectors are responsible for inspecting, assessing, and getting approval from the Townsville City Council for trade waste generators before discharging trade waste into the Council’s sewers.

Before using Mobile Technologies services, Travis Richards reports issues with missing paperwork, poor communication, and ineffective scheduling and routing that had his team literally running in circles, wasting precious time and effort.  

Mobile Technologies responded to the team’s needs developing MTWaste, a mobile solution which allows an Administrator/Controller to view properties to inspect and allocate work to inspectors in the field through a web-based application. Inspectors can view tasks, plan routes, and report findings.

Townsville City Council – Citiwater

Citiwater’s Trade Services management team needed a mobile dispatch system that would allow management to transmit work order data and job status to technicians working in the field. They needed a strategy for accurate real time reporting that allowed for allocation and tracking of men, jobs, and material through all stages from taking of an enquiry to completion and invoicing. But they also wanted a solution that was cost-effective and easy for the field force technicians to learn and operate.

In response, Mobile Technologies developed MTrack, a software solution which automates the flow of work by various field based tradespersons. MTrack allows an Administrator to view and allocate work, field workers can then view, record notes and assessment, and send completed jobs to MTrack in a real-time, smooth workflow.

Tyco/Wormald Asset Tracking

Wormald, a child company of Tyco International Ltd., specialises in fire safety products and services including testing and refurbishing over 2500 fire extinguishers per month in Queensland alone.

Wormald brings the fire extinguishers to a central warehouse to test and refurbish, or replace them. They realized they were wasting time and effort trying to track all incoming and outgoing extinguishers using an outmoded paper based system. What Wormald needed was a way to track the status of all those extinguishers to see exactly how many extinguishers they had in each stage of testing at all times to cut unnecessary paper costs and boost the efficiency of their services.